Why Covered Storage Isn't Always Necessary

Published on 4/4/2023

When it comes to storing vehicles such as RVs, boats, or cars, the decision between covered and uncovered storage can be a difficult one. Many people assume that covered storage is always the best option, but there are actually a number of benefits to uncovered (open air) storage as well. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of uncovered storage and explain why covered storage isn't always necessary.

Affordable Vehicle Storage

One of the most significant benefits of uncovered storage is affordability. Covered storage often costs significantly more than uncovered storage, which can make it an unfeasible option for many people. With uncovered storage, you'll typically pay a lower monthly fee and avoid any additional costs associated with maintaining a covered structure.

Easy access

Another advantage of uncovered storage is easy access. When your vehicle is stored in an uncovered area, you can easily access it whenever you need to without worrying about opening or closing doors or maneuvering in tight spaces. This can be especially helpful if you need to grab something from your vehicle in a hurry or if you plan on using it frequently.

Natural ventilation

When your vehicle is stored in an uncovered area, it will have access to natural ventilation. This can be especially beneficial for boats and RVs, as it can help prevent moisture buildup and mold growth. Additionally, natural ventilation can help prevent heat buildup, which can be damaging to some types of vehicles.

More size options

If you have a larger vehicle, uncovered storage may be your only option. Many covered storage facilities have size restrictions, which can make it difficult to find a space that accommodates your vehicle. With uncovered storage, you have less worry about size restrictions, and you can more easily find a space that suits your needs.

Uncovered (open air) storage can be a great option for those looking to store their vehicles, boats or RVs. It's affordable, easy to access, offers natural ventilation, and often has more size options. While covered storage may be necessary for some situations, it's important to consider the benefits of uncovered storage before making a final decision. Ultimately, the decision will depend on your individual needs and preferences, but it's important to understand that covered storage isn't always necessary.